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Benefits of using Precast


Precast elements are designed to safely sustain all the loads during de-molding, handling, transport and erection as well as the service loads after they become part of a complete structure.

SFI’s teams are continuously trained and updated to ensure versatile designs and produce the most practical shop drawings allowing for a smooth production and safe erection.

Structural designs and drawings, although prepared by SFI, are reviewed and approved by one of best structural Engineers in Jordan.

Quality Control

SFI has implemented a strict and documented system of quality control under the provisions of ISO 9001:2000, including the inspection of molds, the inspection and testing of materials and concretes, and the continuous checking of the adequate curing of the produced elements.

Furthermore, the well-equipped SFI plant laboratory is run under the direct supervision of well known third parties.


Reliability is not only concerned with the quality of products and services rendered, but is also concerned with the compliance with time schedules for delivery and erection agreed upon with the clients.

The reliability of SFI has been well established to the extent that all projects executed during the last few years were delivered well ahead of the agreed upon execution times.


Economy in precast is achieved due to the following:

- Economy on molds and workmanship for highly repetitive elements or for hollowcore slabs.

- Economy on materials due to the use of high quality concretes and prestressing techniques.

- Economy on scaffoldings if precast cladding is used in high rise buildings.

- Substantial economy of time thanks to the large capacity of the SFI plant, to its large stacking areas as well as to the fact that the elements might be produced independently of the progress of work on site. For instance roof or cladding elements of a fifth floor in a building might be produced when the foundations on site have not been yet completed.

Cutting down in the execution time of a project leads automatically to a more feasible project. These benefits are achieved by early completion which means early occupancy or operation and reduced total project cost. The execution time of large projects may be cut by several months and sometimes up to several years.

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