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Internal & External Walls

Internal Bearing and Non-Bearing Walls & External Walls

Internal Bearing and Non-Bearing Walls

Internal walls are cast with electrical conduits and boxes pre-placed within the walls prior to their casting.

External Walls

External wall sandwich panels are currently produced with an intermediary layer of expanded polystyrene sheets ranging from 3 cm to 7 cm in thickness to provide and ensure the thermal insulation required even by the most stringent building codes.
Various external finishes might be produced:

  • Smooth or textured fair-faced surfaces;
  • Washed aggregate surfaces;
  • Natural stone, marble or ceramic facing.

The internal surfaces of the walls are smoothed so as to be ready for paint as soon as they are installed on-site, eliminating the high cost of plaster.

In large projects, precast stairs and landings allow for substantial cuts in cost and in execution time. Such elements have been produced and used successfully in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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