Internal Walls poured in batteries are produced with both their sides fair-faced. Electrical conduits and boxes may be placed within the walls prior to their pouring.

External walls are poured on horizontal tilting tables and may reach up to 12 m in length and 4.25 m in height. For projects requiring heights larger than 4.25 m, the wall elements are made with a width less than 4.25 m and to the required length. The walls are transported in a rotated position then tilted on site prior to their erection.

Sandwich panels are currently produced with an intermediary layer of expanded polystyrene sheets 3 to 7 cm thick to insure the thermal insulation required by the most stringent building codes.

Various external finishes might be produced:

- Smooth or textured fair-faced surfaces.

- Washed aggregate surface.

- Natural stone, marble or ceramic facing.

The internal surfaces of the wall are smoothed so as to be ready for paint after erection therefore eliminating the high cost of plaster.

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