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Septic Tanks, Water Tanks & Telecommunication Manholes

These precast concrete elements are produced in the state-of-the-art steel molds fabricated at SFI’s precast yard by master mold fabricators.

Special, well-designed low water to cement (w/c) ratio (0.28-0.45) concrete mixes used in casting these elements are composed of the suitable type of cement, optimally graded high-quality limestone, high silica content desert sand, water and high range water reducing super-plasticizing admixtures, in addition to corrosion inhibitor admixtures when needed.

The walls and the base of any of these precast concrete elements are cast monolithically, which makes them joint free and perfectly watertight especially in the case of water/septic tanks.

These elements are designed to withstand stringent on-site environments, assuming a vertical load of 15kn/m2 (a live load of 5kn/m2 and an acting surcharge load of 10kn/m2), acting earth and water pressures on the full height of the elements’ walls, an acting uplift pressure, a soil backfill height up to 2 m and a soil bearing capacity as low as 150kn/m2. Interior and exterior protective insulation linings of the mentioned precast concrete elements take place at SFI’s precast yard prior to their loading on delivery trucks. This process ensures they are ready for quick on-site installation, eliminating the need for any extra work other than pipe and/or cable connections.

These tanks/manholes can be installed above or below the ground surface level, as required, and can be fitted with wall openings to accommodate water pipes and cable conduits. It is possible to have the tanks’ cover opening in the top slab or in any of the side walls according to our customers’ needs.

SFI is able to accommodate and produce any of the above elements in a variety of volumes, ranging from 0.75m3 to 11m3.